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the 230 experience

230 intensives was created in 2021 to help UK dancers and cheerleaders 'catch up' and press ahead after a year spent out of classes during lockdown. It was created to be the company I needed as a dancer, and the company I needed my athletes to have access to independently as a coach.  Since then we have grown to an international workshop provider, engaging with hundreds of athletes nationwide each year. 

230 workshops are a personalised and positive experience. We believe everyone deserves the chance to shine, and everyone can improve. Talent comes through practise, and persistence pays off. We believe the little things count and encourage athletes to see all successes, no matter how small, as progress in the right direction.  

Our techniques are based on years of coaching experience at grass roots up to international level training. We are proud to welcome everyone into our workshops, regardless of experience and ability. We like to push participants to achieve more than they thought possible and believe in creating an atmosphere where every athlete feels valued. 

The training methods we use place a strong emphasis on the mind-body connection. Psychology and attitude play a huge role in progress, and we have many tried and tested strategies, from both traditional and progressive training techniques, to help athletes believe and succeed.


We have high staff to participant ratios and book high quality venues. We have specific standards for our training spaces and ensure everyone can train safely (and be seen!).  

We have experienced dancers, tumblers and assistant coaches in class to offer support and guidance to any who need it. 

At each workshop we recognise stand-out athletes in some of our classes, who will receive a certificate of recognition and a small prize.


In our full day dance workshops we award a very special award to the '230 Icon' of the day. This is an athlete who stands out to the coaches in their skills and mindset. The 230 Icon receives a special plaque & custom sash. Our Tumbling Coaches pick a Star Tumbler, to have their photo taken in our special frame in recognition of their progress and positive attitude. 


"[name} had such a good time at 230 Manchester Intensive. She was supported by the team in all of the workshops, was given very good advice and learnt lots. We'd highly recommend booking onto their intensives. 5 stars."


"Today I applied all of the advice and techniques you taught at the Bristol workshop and I finally managed to nail a triple pirouette! I went from feeling unstable in a single to feeling strong and confident in doubles and now triples in what feels like over-night!"

Head Coach, Allstar Program

"It was lovely to have 230 Intensives back for a second year with the added bonus of UK Tumbling Collective. Our athletes had the best day pushing skills and working technique in the best hands. 100/10 recommend."
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