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Frequently Asked Questions

We hope you will find the answer to commonly asked questions here. If you can't find the information you are looking for, please email us.


Our workshops are designed for dancers and cheerleaders looking to improve their technique and increase their range of skills. They are open to athletes of any level of experience as long as they are willing to work hard, try new things and have fun!

what should I wear?

Participants should wear comfortable clothing that allows them to move easily. Please ensure clothing does not have loose straps or oversize buckles/attachments which could cause a safety risk to others. Clothing should be appropriate for physical activity and something which you feel comfortable in. Jeans, hoods, jewellery and heels are not permitted. Skirts should be worn with a leotard/leggings underneath. 

Please wear layers, even on warm days, as venues can be cold in the morning and you may wish to keep your muscles warm between classes. 

For dance classes, shoes are optional but socks cannot be worn on their own (bare feet or any type of dance shoe including half-soles and footlets are acceptable). 

For cheer sessions indoor, clean trainers are required. 

what should I bring?

Bring plenty of water and enough food/snacks to last for your whole workshop. Some venues do not have anywhere to purchase food or drink. We endeavour to have water for sale, but cannot guarantee this. 

If you have them, bring a yoga block and a resistance band. We may also have some available for purchase on the day (but can't guarantee availability)

what happens when i arrive?

Head straight to the registration desk and see our friendly staff member. You'll need to show your ticket, or quote your reference number. They will check you in and give you a welcome pack. Find a space to stash your belongings and get ready to start :)

who should i speak to if i have a question on the day?

There will be a non-coaching staff member floating all day. Approach them with any questions you may have. You can also speak to our Instructors, Event Leads, or ask our class assistant dancers for help. Our guest coaches are also super friendly and would be glad to help. 

what are the covid safety guidelines?

We are a COVID19-safe certified company. 

Apply hand sanitiser regularly and wash hands whenever possible.

Venues will be well ventilated and are frequently cleaned. 

Masks do not need to be worn during physical activity unless participants choose to.

If you or any family member with whom you have been in close contact experiences symptoms of COVID-19 (or receives a positive test result) then you must not attend your class. Contact us for ticket re-issue information. 

is 230 merchandise available to purchase?

Yes, we aim to have a merchandise stand at all 230 events - subject to space. We don't carry all sizes in stock but aim to have something for everyone, with prices ranging from £2 for pin badges to £30 on rhinestone apparel. 

Can spectators come to watch?

Spectators will be invited into workshops to watch any performances and group show-offs at the end of each session. Spectators cannot remain in the studio during workshops due to lack of seating and space. 

what happens if my course is cancelled by 230?

In the unlikely event your course is cancelled by 230 Intensives, due to circumstances beyond our control, you will be offered a ticket transfer to a rearranged date. In the event you cannot attend this new date a refund will be offered. Please see our Terms and Conditions (Bookings and Refunds Policy) for more detail. 

what happens if i can't attend due to illness or injury?

Ticket credit and transfer are permitted up to 5 working days before an event. If you are unable to attend due to illness or injury please cancel your booking via our booking system and a credit will show on your account. Please see our Terms and Conditions (Bookings and Refunds Policy) for more detail. 

I want to book a class that says 'sold out'

If an event is sold out, use the green button on the event page to join the waiting list. When an existing booking is cancelled, or if we are able increase capacity, wait list members will be contacted on a first come first serve basis to purchase these tickets prior to them being released for general sale. 

Do i get a certificate?

All workshop participants get a certificate of attendance to show our appreciation of your hard work. 

Are your venues accessible?

Contact our individual venues to get the most up to date information about their facilities. 

When are tickets available?

Tickets are available in Spring through to Summer each year.

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