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a dance and cheerleading workshop company, providing elite coaching services

Our workshops offer an inclusive, welcoming environment designed to allow all athletes to shine. Personalised coaching will challenge you to step out from your comfort zone and level up your skills. Our expert, qualified coaches provide masterclasses in technique and skills coaching. Learn new drills, develop your performance style and raise your game!

stand out from the crowd, join our circle.

our services

230 Intensives Ltd provide a wide range of high performance coaching services. We offer: choreography, technique workshops, routine reviews, judges' feedback, open intensives and more! Visit the drop-down menus for more information


" [dancer] had the most amazing day!! First Hip Hop class and she LOVED it!! Thank you for such a safe and inclusive space"

Dance School Principal

"We had the best day with 230 Intensives. We love having you back coaching and seeing lots of new skills achieved every time! We can't wait to see you again soon!"


"The class that gave me the confidence to join lots of other intensives and associates classes. Book your place!!"

2024 Summer Series

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In partnership with steel city sports,


The UK Tumbling Collective is a new and exciting program for tumbling development. The program is run by 230 Intensives and hosted by Steel City Sports. The program is open to applications from tumblers, dancers, cheerleaders, acrobats and gymnasts who show tumbling talent. We are looking for advanced tumblers ready to take it to the next level, and also those who show great promise and will benefit from the regular access to equipment and elite coaching.  It is intended to supplement the excellent training already provided by athletes’ home programs or studios.

Available places will be limited to maintain small group sizes, and by invitation following successful application only. This allows participants to train with other like-minded individuals to develop skills, resilience, friendships and confidence.

Hosted by Steel City Sports

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